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Desiree February 05, 2013 1 Contact The bluum Team

We know you are very excited to see what's in store for you and your growing bluum baby and hope you enjoy your product discovery journey with us! Finding answers to common questions can be a bit time consuming, so we thought we'd help you get started. Take a look below for a few answers that most bluum customers ask. Of course, customer service is always glad to help and you can always contact us by emailing your request to any time (Please allow emails from Bluum) or call us at 888-668-6620 Monday - Friday 10am-4pm EST.

Desiree November 05, 2012 Billing

Buy or Gift bluum Options

Monthly membership is $24.95

3 Month membership- $74.85

6 Month membership - $149.70

12 Month Annual plan is $299.40

Desiree November 08, 2012 Shipping

 What is the deadline to subscribe and be shipped a box this month?

If your membership fee has been processed successfully by the 10th of the month 12am EST, you will get the current month box. All orders placed after the 10th will begin the following month (Example: Sign up after February 10, 2013 and your first box will ship March 2013).

*Express shipping is not applicable*

When will my box ship?

Boxes ship between the 17th and 19th of each month. Normal delivery time is 2-10 business days depending on location. We only ship via USPS to all 50 states. Please keep in mind, that only subscriptions that are active are receiving boxes. If we are unable to collect funds, your subscription may not be active and you will not receive a box.

What happens after my box ships?

You get your tracking details soon after your package is scanned by our shipper and you may track your package until it is delivered. After receiving it, you can sign in to your bluum account to provide feedback on each product to earn rewards points.

What if my boxes never arrive?

No worries! Simply contact customer service via and we’ll investigate promptly. Missing or never received boxes reports will be accepted 30 days after the ship date ONLY. If your missing box is not reported in this time frame, a replacement will not be shipped. 


Desiree June 24, 2013 Shipping

How can I track my box?

Tracking details of your bluum box will be sent automatically upon being scanned by our shipping provider. You may view the tracking information by clicking the link in the shipping email or by signing in to your bluum account and clicking "my boxes" -  **Gift order tracking details will be shown on the gift receiver’s account created upon placing your gift order (Gift givers may contact customer service for updated details**

Desiree June 25, 2013 1 General bluum account Info

We have convenient pausing features available but understand if you must cancel your bluum subscription. Monthly paid subscriptions must be canceled before your next renewal date as noted on your order confirmation to avoid being billed and getting shipped another bluum box. Subscriptions on a longer billing cycle than monthly (3, 6, 12 months) can only be cancelled after the initial prepaid term has been completed. If cancelled prematurely, you will receive a refund of the amount paid less the retail price of any boxes curated for you and a $25 early termination fee.


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