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Desiree February 05, 2013 1 Contact Us or Become an Affiliate

We know you are very excited to see what's in store for you and your growing bluum baby and hope you enjoy your product discovery journey with us! Finding answers to common questions can be a bit time consuming, so we thought we'd help you get started. Take a look below for a few answers that most bluum customers ask. Of course, customer service is always glad to help and you can always contact us by emailing your request to any time (Please allow emails from Bluum) or call us at 888-668-6620 Monday - Friday 10am-4pm EST.

Desiree November 09, 2012 What is bluum?

How can I sign up for bluum?

  • Visit our webpage at
  • If you want to bluum for yourself just enter your child's info, your email address and select the "buy bluum" option to continue. Subscription options available on the next page
  • To gift bluum, enter the child's information and click "gift bluum." (gift orders exempt from coupon use)

  • Have a coupon?? Visit to get started. 

Coupons and all special offers are to be redeemed only by new customers purchasing a regular subscription and is not applicable to gift subscriptions.  Coupons and special offers are also limited to one time use and can only be used one per household. Discount offers may not be combined at any time*



Desiree November 05, 2012 Billing

Buy or Gift bluum Options

Monthly membership is $29.00

3 Month membership- $87.00

6 Month membership - $174.00

12 Month Annual plan is $348.00

Desiree November 05, 2012 What is bluum?

bluum is a subscription service for moms (pregnant and children up to 4 years old) to discover new and exciting products found by bluum moms, curated by bluum’s unique technology and delivered to your door once per month. Our mommy merchandising team customizes your boxes to the stage of your child's development, age and gender. As your bluum baby grows up and changes, so do your box contents. We’re here for you all the way, making those special moments more enjoyable.

What do I get?

bluum currently works with more than 500 of the best brands in the market. Each month, we introduce you to 4-5 new, full-size quality products to discover for you and your little one. Products are a surprise and we don’t announce the contents of your box until it arrives at your doorstep. bluum boxes are staged in developmental themes, which fall under three categories:

  • bluum pregnancy (for expecting moms)

  • bluum baby (newborn up to 12 months)

  • bluum toddler (13 months and up).

  • Preschool box available for bluum kids up to 4 years old

As a bluum subscriber, the transition from one stage to the next is seamless for each child that you get a bluum box for. You simply set up a new child with the age and gender then select the subscription of your choice. 

No two bluum moms or babies are alike. So why should the products and product selections be? Since bluum started in June 2011, we listened carefully what our thousands of moms want to see in their boxes each month and built smart technology to create boxes individually for each subscriber. Products are matched to your child’s age, gender and developmental stage. Over time, we are launching more features to further customize your boxes.

Products can include:

  • Skin/Health care

  • Food items

  • Toys

  • Books

  • Apparel

Desiree June 24, 2013 What is bluum?

We value organic products for their sustainability and safety and introduce you to them whenever possible. Most of the products inside the bluum box will be organic and this is specified on the packaging. However, we do not guarantee all products will be organic.