How can I cancel my bluum?

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All bluum subscriptions renew at the end of term (gifts not included).  You can cancel your bluum subscription at the end term and/or by your next renewal date shown on your original order confirmation and your bluum account. *Monthly bluum subscriptions can be canceled by the last day of the month* Long term bluum subscriptions cancelled before the end of term should be submitted to customer service via Early cancellation of long term bluum subscriptions will incur an early cancellation fee of $25 which will be deducted from the refund processed. 

To cancel:

  • Sign in to your bluum account
  • Visit "cancel my bluum" and complete the cancellation for the subscription of choice. You must complete the cancel process before your next renewal date to prevent any other renewal charges and/or boxes from being shipped.  
  • Wait for email confirmation from bluum with your subscription end date.

Once your subscription has been cancelled, you will see confirmation on screen and receive an emailed confirmation as well.  If you do not see these cancellation confirmations, your subscription has not been cancelled.

*monthly subscription cancellations processed after the renewal date shown on your original order confirmation and on your bluum account, will be processed for the following term*


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